set reminders for critical circadian events essential for health and vitality

align your lifestyle with the light and dark cycles at your location

learn more about the science and how to apply it to your daily life

  • Circadian is the best app to help people track the time of day that they should be exposed to bright light, eating, exercising, and doing thought-provoking work. If you want to have a healthy heart and colony of mitochondria, then you have to get this app to help you manage your circadian rhythms.

  • Whatever wellness journey you are on, you must align your circadian biology to favor optimal health. Changing micro-routines usually requires a lot of reminders of “when” to do certain tasks. This is why I recommend the Circadian app, so that you have a virtual assistant telling you what to do when and why.

  • This is the best biohacking app I have used. Really user friendly with tons of information. I will be recommending it to all my brain health clients and anyone that wants to improve their health and learn more about circadian rhythms and chronobiology. Highly recommended.

  • As a lighting professional, I have found the Circadian App extremely instrumental in supporting both my work and my personal lifestyle. I am thrilled to be able to offer it to my clients, communities, and to use it personally. I very much look forward to seeing how community health trends improve when Circadian becomes a household staple.

  • Not many people are aware that their circadian rhythm has a profound impact on their health. The Circadian app gives you powerful insights and helps you to align your lifestyle to your rhythm. The result is that you sleep better and have more energy to perform in life!

  • Maintaining a healthy and consistent sleep schedule is crucial for my clients and me. The Circadian app does just that and I love it. Scheduled reminders for my food intake, sleep/wake cycle and environmental cues help me stay on track. I highly recommend this app and will be introducing this into my sleep performance programs!

  • The circadian app is unlike any other app I’ve found in that it helps train you to live within the rhythms of nature in our busy modern society. The implications of that behavioral shift on your sleep and health can be profound.

  • Your body’s circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles of biological, hormonal, and behavioural patterns. These rhythms modulate a wide array of physiological processes, including the body’s production of hormones that regulate sleep, hunger, and metabolism. Ultimately, these rhythms regulate your body weight, performance, mood, and susceptibility to disease.