An epic start to the day

I just love love love early mornings!
I am falling more and more in love with the light, stillness and simplicity of the start of the day. So precious to take in the fresh air and the day’s first rays. My morning routine keeps on growing and evolving. A long walk with a few minutes of sungazing if the weather cooperates, followed by stretching and some kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. Next is breathwork and meditation, followed by a hearty breakfast. After that, on most days, a freshly brewed coffee to top it all off. No matter what the rest of the day has in store, I won already!

One of the things I want to include in the future is a short dip in an ice bath, but first, I need to build one. This will elevate my mornings even further. Combining light, movement, food, and cold upon waking
> synchronizes all your cellular clocks,
> pumps your cortisol and dopamine to new highs,
> eliminates any residual melatonin,
> harmonizes leptin, ghrelin and insulin and
> supports the rise in your body temperature
so you can be at your best and elevate yourself and the world around you.

I know, I know, coffee is not ideal. It is very dehydrating and ideally, you would want to wait an hour or two after breakfast before having it, but hey, nobody is perfect and I chose my transgressions from optimal carefully.

How do you start your days?


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