Chronic inflammation is a sign of dehydration

Carrie Bennett

Mitochondria make deuterium-depleted water for our cells at step 4 of cytochrome c-oxidase (CCO) of the mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC). This is how our cells become hydrated. It has less to do with the water we drink and more to do with the water our mitochondria make.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with 90+% of diseases. Dysfunctional mitochondria cannot efficiently pass electrons through the ETC to make water or ATP (in step 5 of the ETC).
Dysfunctional mitochondria = intracellular dehydration
Intracellular dehydration = oxygen not released to the cell (which is used to make more water)
Intracellular dehydration = lack of energy and net negative charge

When mitochondria cannot make the water for the cell, there are backup pathways. iNOS (inducible nitric oxide synthase enzyme) and the arachidonic acid pathways, classically described as “inflammation.” iNOS turns on intracellularly to make nitric oxide (NO) when inflammatory markers are present, such as the reactive oxygen species (ROS) made by dysfunctional mitochondria.

For every molecule of NO, two molecules of deuterium-depleted water are made. Arachidonic acid (AA) is an omega 6 fat embedded in cell membranes. It is used to start an inflammatory cascade. Acute inflammation is a good thing to be able to turn on in order to heal a tissue. The end-product of the AA cascade is more deuterium-depleted water.

Does inflammation ultimately rehydrate the cell? Can we help resolve the inflammation and restore exclusion zone (EZ) water levels in the cell using sunlight? Sunlight contains tons of infrared (IR) and red light.

IR builds more EZ water all throughout the body. EZ sequesters deuterium (oxygen has a 9.6x greater affinity to bind deuterium). Unsequestered deuterium contributes to mitochondrial dysfunction.

IR from sunlight = more EZ water and better confinement of deuterium in areas in which it won’t cause mitochondrial dysfunction. Red light displaces NO at ETC Step 4 so water can be made again in the mitochondria.

Chronic inflammation a sign of intracellular dehydration (lack of EZ water). Sunlight/IR in the skin is an amazing remedy. And better yet, IR is always present in sunlight no matter the time of day or year.

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