Heal leaky gut with light

I used to struggle with leaky gut symptoms (stomach pain, bad bloating, stinky gas) despite doing an elimination diet, a 5R gut repair protocol, and “eating perfectly.” I never thought natural light would actually allow my gut to heal completely, but it did. All symptoms are gone! And while I choose not to eat gluten, if I accidentally do, I am not doubled over in stomach pain for hours, followed by debilitating fatigue.

I learned that we are designed to make an entirely new gut lining every 2-5 days. This only happens when our circadian rhythm is synced to the day/night cycles of our local environment.

The brain has a central timekeeper called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). It has direct connections to the retina of the eyes. This means the light that enters our eyes translates into a time of day in our brain.

In addition to our central timekeeper in the brain, each cell, including those in the digestive tract, has peripheral timekeepers that sync up to the signal oscillating from the SCN. Our gut cells are designed to interpret our circadian signals and act accordingly.

In mammalian cells, genes that are triggered by light/darkness are needed to either support digestion (daytime activity) or support repair (nighttime activity). Cell division, needed for repair of “leaky gut,” occurs at night in the absence of light.

This is why chronic blue light at night and a lack of sunrise syncing exacerbates gut issues. Our microbiome also changes its populations based on the light (or dark) signals we are receiving.

I am not the only one who has healed my gut with light. I have had countless clients and community members do the same.

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We are designed to make an entirely new gut lining every 2-5 days. That only happens when we have a strong circadian rhythm. Our gut is subjected to things that damage it all the time. And we have a built-in repair system that should allow us to reverse this damage every few days. But for […]
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