Heal leaky gut with light

By Carrie Bennett

Did you know that we are designed to make an entirely new gut lining every 2-5 days? But this “turnover” timeline only happens when we have our circadian rhythm synced to the day and night cycles of our local environment. Here’s how it works…

In your brain, you have a “central timekeeper,” called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). It has direct connections to the retina of our eyes, as you can see in the following photo.

heal leaky gut with light

Light from our environment enters our retina, and the SCN translates that light information to the time of day. Specifically, our brain uses blue light frequencies to tell time since these frequencies vary predictably from sunrise to sunset. Knowing the correct time of day allows our body’s various functions to operate in the correct sequence and rhythm.

So, you can think of the SCN as a bit of a musical conductor—it takes the music (the information), passes that information to various members of the orchestra (in fact, the more-than-100,000 tasks happening in every single cell of our body, every single second), and coordinates them all into a beautiful symphony, each happening at the appropriate time, as long as it’s getting the proper light signals.

As a “member” of this brilliant orchestra, our gut cells are doing the same— designed to interpret our circadian signals and act accordingly. So, the brain receives a light cue to tell what time of day it is, and then this message is communicated to our gut cells. Cell division, needed for repairing a “leaky gut,” occurs at night in the absence of light.

When you know this, it makes perfect sense why chronic blue light at night and a lack of sunrise circadian syncing exacerbate gut issues. This is why, no matter how perfect my diet was or how strictly I followed the 4R protocol, nothing fully healed my digestive inflammation until I synced my circadian rhythm and learned to use light on my skin.

To me, leaky gut and dysbiosis are key indicators of circadian disruption. The way to support our gut is built into us. We just need to sync back up with nature’s cycles.

It’s also why so many others—those of you who have tried any number of protocols to heal your gut, your food sensitivities, lack of minerals and nutrients, and so much more—still struggle to improve them.

Our microbiome is also being synced to our circadian rhythm! This means that when we have circadian dysfunction, our gut microbiome are more dysfunctional as well.

Enterochromaffin cells (blue) in finger-like projections within the gut villi (outlined in red)

[Enterochromaffin cells (blue) in finger-like projections within the gut villi (outlined in red)]

Bacteria all emit massive amounts of extreme low-frequency UV light. Enterochromaffin cells in the gut use this UV light, along with tryptophan, to make serotonin. Most researchers are trying to link different species of bacteria or different bacterial metabolites to this equation. Those of us in quantum biology understand it is about the light these bacteria emit. Research measuring gut serotonin levels in mice with a normal microbiome and germ-free mice found that germ-free mice produced 60% less serotonin indicating the microbiome plays a huge role in serotonin production in the gut.

Serotonin in the gut is known to enhance bowel motility. Is it a coincidence that circadian rhythm research shows the optimum time to expect to poop is around the time UV light begins to appear? By the way, the Circadian app tells you when UVA light appears at your location.

I am not the only one who has healed my gut with light. I have had countless clients and community members do the same. If you want to learn all about light to heal your gut, plus other key gut health supports like understanding cephalic phase digestion, chewing, bitters and more, check out my Gut Health Masterclass.

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