Healing benefits of nature

Carrie Bennett

I want to highlight some of the many healing effects that nature has bestowed upon us. The further we drift from nature, the easier it is to get dis-ease.

Sunlight: provides circadian signalling, influences hormones and neurotransmitters, improves blood flow, lowers pain, regulates appetite, creates free electrons, structures our EZ water, produces subcellular melatonin, enhances mitochondrial function and more!

Earthing: gives free electrons, balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, reduces inflammation, improves red blood cell oxygen carrying capacity, accelerates wound healing, cortisol balancing, etc.

The Schumann Resonance: an electromagnetic signal (7.83hz) that is generated by lightning, is always present and entrains our brainwaves to the alpha frequency- a calm, meditative state.

The forest/beach/waterfall: full of negative ions that improve our redox potential, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and are soothing sounds that restructure our body water network.

The Earth’s magnetic field: organizes our body water molecules, and causes the valence electrons (outermost electrons) of our molecules to move faster- in essence, increasing the energy of the electrons (similar to how photons can also excite electrons).

Sky gazing: sets circadian rhythm, decalcifies the pineal gland and strengthens our connection to it, increases energy, regulates mood and appetite, balances the nervous system.

The Quantum Field: the invisible field of energy and information that surrounds us and penetrates the “empty spaces” inside of us, such as the space between electrons and the nucleus, a field that connects everything in the universe together at the quantum scale, a space teeming with essential information the body uses in real time to adapt, our connection to God/source energy.

Zebras don’t get ulcers; squirrels don’t get migraines; lemurs don’t get cancer; fish don’t get colitis.

While we as humans have the capabilities to disconnect from nature and still be alive, I’d say this disconnect is a far cry from the thriving physical, emotional and spiritual states that we can actually attain.

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