Light becomes matter (E=mc²), a poem

In the vast expanse of space,
Where energy and matter race,
There lies a secret we cannot ignore,
A truth unveiled by the great Einstein’s lore.

E=mc², a simple equation we see,
But within its grasp, a wondrous mystery,
For it holds the key to how light and matter merge,
When the former’s speed we dare to urge.

At the speed of light, photons rush,
Moving with grace, never in a hush,
But slow them down, and a transformation begins,
Energy becomes matter, a dance that never ends.

In the human body, we see this dance,
As photons of sunlight entrance,
Slowing down when entering our skin,
Their energy transformed, a new chapter to begin.

As hormones in our bodies they take shape,
Bringing balance, harmony, and strength, no escape,
From vitamin D to serotonin’s sweet embrace,
Light’s transformation, our lives it does grace.

So marvel at the wonder of this equation,
For it reveals a world of transformation,
Energy and matter in a cosmic dance,
Unified by the genius of Einstein’s glance.

E=mc², a truth we can’t ignore,
For within its grasp, the universe does soar,
A simple equation, yet a mystery so grand,
Light and matter, forever hand in hand.


Disclaimer: the above poem was created by ChatGPT, instructed by a human 🙂

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