Our body is voltage

Our body is voltage, and a negative charge equals health.

Our cells only function well when they have a negative charge. This is because they are charged full of electrons. Sometimes, this is described as pH (alkaline or 7.35). These all state the same fact: our cells require a negative charge to thrive.

This negative charge comes from the exclusion zone (EZ) water in every cell. To boost health, we must acquire more charge from our environment than we lose. Living indoors disconnects us from all sources of charge except food.

Yes, we also get electrons from food. Unfortunately, from living a disconnected life, most people are relying on only food electrons. Most food (processed food) creates inflammation in the body, which requires extra charge to quench. Living indoors not only depletes electrons and divorces us from some main sources (Earth and sunlight) it also disrupts our circadian rhythm and disconnects us from the day/night cycles under which every living creature on Earth has evolved.

I encourage a daily lifestyle of gaining more electrons than you are losing while also reinforcing a strong circadian rhythm that aligns your body clock with the light/dark cycles in your environment.

    • see the sunrise/sunset
    • go on a morning walk
    • ground throughout the day
    • get sunlight on your skin
    • move regularly
    • drink mineral water
    • block artificial light at night
    • sleep early
    • minimize sources of radiation
    • laughter and gratitude
    • meditate/pray


If these things are in place, it supports your body’s ability to heal itself.

If you want to dive deep into the human body and electricity, here are two must-reads:


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