UV light creates energy, order and coherence

Carrie Bennett

UV light is capable of creating order, coherence and free electrons in the body. We vilify its presence, but it is actually one of the key frequencies of light that humans absolutely require to function optimally.

Besides energizing the conversion of aromatic amino acids into key neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, etc.), besides regulating our hormone balance (by catalyzing the breakdown of unnecessary steroid hormones), besides regulating appetite, libido/fertility, fat burning, pain and inflammation (via the cleavage products of POMC), UV light also generates a plasma of free electrons inside the body. Remember, electrons are a key “currency” of the body. The name of the game is to gather more electrons than you lose.

In the presence of more intense UV light, when UV strikes the exclusion zone water (EZ water) in the skin, free electrons are generated. Because this EZ water network is a contiguous highway that penetrates all the way into every cell, these free electrons can be instantaneously funnelled anywhere. This contributes to the redox potential of the body AKA the net negative charge we must maintain.

The technical way to talk about this is to say that UV light creates a “coherent domain” in EZ water. Things are coherent when they are correlated in ways that enhance the function of the whole. For example, coherence at a macro scale is a football team running a set play. Each player has a role. And each component is working coherently together based on a stimulus (the coach calling a certain play) for the betterment of the team.

At the quantum level, we say that matter couples to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). UV light (an EMF) strikes the EZ (matter), which creates order (coherence) in the molecular vibrations of the water molecules. This coherence is what optimizes cellular function. And because this happens at the quantum scale, non-linear signalling takes effect, meaning all that’s needed are small, consistent stimuli for this to create an impactful signal, AKA coherence throughout the organism.

Translation: get UV sunlight onto your skin regularly to generate order, coherence and free electrons in the body.

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