Mitochondria are your 6th sense

Carrie Bennett

Your mitochondria are your 6th sense. Before mitochondria became a part of our cells they were their own species of bacteria. This meant they had to be keen sensors of their environment to be able to adapt to changes in surroundings.

Then, a billion years ago, another bacterium engulfed the mitochondria bacterium. This is the endosymbiont theory. They came to an agreement: “I’ll protect you from the harsh elements if you make ATP and water for both of us.”

Because mitochondria evolved with their own ability to sense the environment, they still do that for us today. Mitochondria are very aware of the environment inside the cell and outside of the body. What can they sense? They are prime sensors of electromagnetic fields such as visible light, radio waves, microwaves, Earth’s magnetic field, artificial light, etc.

Inside the body they are aware of electromagnetic fields from every molecule, our brainwaves, our blood flow, etc. For billions of years, the only EMFs mitochondria sensed were natural, and they became very tuned to minute fluctuations in these fields and figured out how to perfectly optimize cell function based on these fluctuations.

Unfortunately, non-natural EMFs such as wifi, artificial lights and cell phone radiation have only been around for a miniscule amount of time. The signals coming from these EMFs are foreign to mitochondria and they they treat them as a danger signal.

It just so happens that EMFs like wifi are known to trigger an influx of excessive calcium into the cell. Excessive calcium triggers the cell danger response which puts mitochondria into a dysfunctional mode – generating excitotoxicity, excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS), and signals to other cells that there is a threat. The ROS go on to damage the mitochondrial DNA, membranes, destroy electron chain transport.

All this because we are disconnected from nature and instead surrounded by confusing signals. The solution?

Open windows to allow full spectrum light, minimise artificial lights, spend more time outside, minimize use of wireless tech, hydrate with spring water, ground in nature, take cold showers/cold plunge, breath through the nose and live in love and gratitude 🙂

Simple, yet profound.

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